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A Simple Man an Extraordinary Life

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There are so many amazing family stories never told and are lost with the sands of time.  The stories of Harry Jacobs were also destined to be lost, if he hadn't sat down one night in 1952 to chronicle his life's journey.  His original manuscript, 3 Oceans - from the Baltic to The Atlantic and to The Pacific sat collecting dust on a few bookshelves for over 60 years, read by a handful of immediate relatives.  In 2017, Harry's Great Grandson Jeffrey Slater set out to transform Harry's tales into a biographical novel.  For three years he researched all Harry's stories, interviewed the last few living relatives who knew Harry and used his extensive family tree to gain knowledge of the man in order to better bring Harry's stories to life without compromising the original manuscript.  The result is a journey through life rich in colour bringing the reader into Harry's World!

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